Akrobaatti Finlaysonin alueen tehdasrakennuksen katolla. Oletko järjestämässä tapahtumaa? Tutustu täällä Finlaysonin alueen erilaisiin tiloihin ja mahdollisuuksiin.

Information for event organisers

Organise public events throughout the year in the area’s impressive premises, such as Vooninki and Terde, the exhibition space in the old factory, Väinö Linna square or the event locations on the premises of local businesses.

Festival centre at the heart of the city

The atmospheric and funcional Finlayson area meets the requirements of event organisers. The area is visited by multiple festivals, surprising events and cooperation partners throughout the year. The goal is to always take the special requirements of the events into account, and production assistance in matters related to the area is available.

Organise events at various locations in the area simultaneously, close-up and in a unique milieu.
The Finlayson Area has served as the location for movie festivals, modern circus performances and photography and art events, for example. In the Finlayson Area, we welcome inspiring ideas and have the means to carry them out.

Contact producer Minna Männistö at minnailoilo@gmail.com – let’s find a suitable location for your event!

Please note that the event locations at Vooninki, Terve and the Väinö Linna square cannot be rented for private or business customer events. There locations are reserved only for public events.

If you want to organise a private event, take a look at the Finlayson Meetings meeting and event centre or the meeting and event spaces offered by Innovation Home. Business and private events can also be organised on the premises of the restaurants in the Finlayson area, such as PlevnaIl SicilianoSpeakeasyAfgan and Bravo Plaza or the meeting, event and exhibition premises at Werstas. Room Escape and ZBase also lease space for events.

Myyntitapahtuma Vooningissa. Vooninki on tila Finlaysonin alueella, jossa järjestetään erilaisia myyntitapahtumia, kulttuuritilaisuuksia ja näyttelyitä.


A diverse selection of events is organised at Vooninki (Väinö Linnan aukio 13). The premises are adaptable and well suited to events, culture events, exhibitions and pop-up stores, for example. The premises cannot be leased for private events. The entrance to Vooninki is at the Väinö Linna square. The premises are accessible and located on ground level.

The area of Vooninki is 476 m² and the room hight is 3.5 metres. The maximum number of people allowed on the premises at the same time is 300. There are five moveable screens on the premises and two long solid walls that divide Vooninki into two large separate halls. Vooninki also has a storage for furnishing that includes 40 large tables, 120 chairs and multiple A stands that can be used at events. The premises cannot be leased for private or business events.


Watch Vooninki virtual presentation Download Vooninki floor plan (.pdf)

Myyntitapahtuma Terdellä. Terde on tila Finlaysonin alueella, jossa järjestetään erilaisia tapahtumia ja näyttelyitä.


Events, pop-up stores and exhibitions are organised at Terde (Väinö Linnan aukio 13). The name comes from the outside terrace and garden that are used during the summer. Terde has two levels. The entrance to the upper level is accessible.

The area of Terde is 184 m². The maximum number of people allowed in the premises at the same time is 300. There is a fixed video projector on the ceiling of Terde. Terde has the highest rooms of all of our event locations: the room height is 4 metres on the upper level and 5.2 on the lower level.


Watch Terde virtual presentation Download Terde floor plan here (.pdf)

Väinö Linna square

Väinö Linna square is frequently used for events, especially in the summer. There is a covered stage of 28 m2 with 40 seats for the audience. The electric supply is located behind the stage. The maximum number of spectators in the square is 500, or 400 for children’s events. When organising events at the square, emergency access routes must be kept open and the organiser closes the square from traffic during the event.

Exact measurements of the stage at Väinö Linna square:
Height 3.4 m
Width 7 m
Depth 4 m

Taidenäyttely Mediatunnelissa Finlaysonin alueella. Mediatunnelissa järjestetään kuukausittain valokuvanäyttelyitä.

Media Tunnel

There are changing photography exhibitions on the gallery wall of the Media Tunnel. The duration of exhibitions is one month. The exhibition works are curated and they must be suitable for a public place. Each presented is responsible for the hanging their work securely.

Pop-up premises

Ask for an opportunity to organise an event in the pop-up premises that randomly become available by sending a message to minnailoilo@gmail.com.