Event and meeting centre Finlayson Meetings

Finlayson’s new event and meeting centre, Finlayson Meetings, offers locations and service packages for every occasion.

The premises can be adapted as needed

There are about a dozen adaptable spaces of different sizes in the 600-m2 premises of Finlayson Meetings, as well as a café. The premises are well suited to official meetings as well as more relaxed private events. Some of the spaces are designed for smaller groups, while the largest has room for 150 participants.


Services available in the Finlayson Area

The diverse selection of restaurants, cafés and experiences in the area can be used for the meeting customers to make the day a success. Do you want to have a meeting that includes breakfast and also a tour on the rooftops or a visit to a museum? That can be done!

Book a unique location for your event at info@finlaysonmeetings.fi