Opas vanhan ajan hameessa, esiliinassa ja päähineessä Finlaysonin alueella. Tutustu täällä Työväenmuseo Werstaan näyttelyihin ja opastuksiin.

Guided tours

There are interesting guided walking tours and exciting adventures available at the industrial landscape of Finlayson Area and the Tammerkoski rapids. Read more about the guided tours and book a tour for your family, a group of friends or your company.

Roof Walk Finlayson Area

Roof Walk Finlayson Area is a unique roof-walking experience that allows you to see and experience the history and landscape of Tampere from a completely new perspective from the rooftops of the historical buildings in the Finlayson area.


Werstas offers guided museum tours and different guided tours from the upper reach of Tammerkoski and through the old factory areas.

Unfold Finlayson

An adventure game that takes groups to solve tricky problems and see unique locations and amazing views in the towers and tunnels of the 200-year-old Finlayson factory area that are not open to the public.

Travel guides in Tampere

Explore the factories of Tampere. The walking tour takes you to explore the old factory areas on the banks of Tammerkoski. The tour beings in front of the Old Church in the central square. The final location can be decided together. The tour lasts for 1½ hours or as long as agreed.