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Enjoy your time in the Finlayson Area

Amazing City

The adventures by Amazing City offer new kinds of experiences that allow you to see the city from a new perspective. You could try the Unfold Finlayson adventure game – an excellent combination of problem solving familiar from escape room games, amazing and unique locations and action-based stories.


ZBase viihdekeskus Finlaysonin alueella. Ihmisiä pelaamassa pelikoneita.

Entertainment centre ZBase

ZBase offers plenty of activities! Come and bring your friends for a laser battle game or admire and play the largest collection of authentic arcade games in the Nordic countries. A licensed bar provides the drinks to accompany the games. It is fun to spend time at ZBase with a group of friends or with the entire family. There are also fun things to do for groups of different kinds.


Factory garden

The charming plants of Finlayson Area: The numerous garden plots of the factory garden make the Finlayson area lush and alive. The garden is growing each year and its goal is to promote natural diversity in an urban environment and educate people on how the ecosystem works. The gardens are open throughout the year and they live and change in tune with nature. You can taste some of the plants as part of the products served in Café & Bar KATTO, located on the roof!


Fame Club

A spacious and modern nightclub offers its visitors unforgettable nights with live gigs and bar events. Fame operates on two floors with special attention paid to the lights and sound systems so that a genuine disco feeling on the dance floor is guaranteed. Diverse and changing performers top off the evening. Fame is located on the ground floor of the Media 54 building on the banks of Tammerkoski. The club also has an entrance under Satakunnankatu bridge.

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Popcornia elokuvateatteri Finnkino Plevnassa. Tutustu täällä Finlaysonin alueen aktiviteetteihin.

Finnkino Plevna

Enjoy movies at Finnkino Plevna, located in the 19th-century weaving factory Plevna. The ten auditoriums offer an unbeatable movie experience to audiences.


Himmelblau Printmaking Studio

The printmaking studio also features a spacious gallery with a changing display of artwork by skilled artists. Himmelblau is also responsible for the Finlayson Art Area event that spreads over the whole complex in the summer.


Ihmisiä istumassa Finlaysonin alueen katolla. Finlaysonin alueella järjestetään kattokävelyitä. Kävelyillä voi ihailla maisemia Tampereen kattojen yllä.

Roof Walk Finlayson Area

Roof Walk Finlayson Area is a unique roof-walking experience that allows you to see and experience the history and landscape of Tampere from a completely new perspective from the rooftops of the historical buildings in the Finlayson area.


Room Escape Tampere

At the end of Itäinenkatu is the largest escape room centre in Tampere. There are a total of eight escape rooms on the fifth floor and all the escape rooms are suitable for families with children.


Shen Garden

The Finlayson Area has its own oasis of well-being; the Shen Garden. The regular weekly classes include, for example, yoga and pilates, spiced up with morning discos and various events that nourish the well-being of mind and body. In the Shen Garden, you can also treat yourself with acupuncture and cosmetic gua sha treatments. The amazing view from our yoga studio on the 4B floor opens up on the yards of Finlayson and, in the treatment area, you can experience the roaring rapid with a view towards Vapriikki.


Spy Museum

James Bond and other fictional agents have all been modelled on real people. The Spy Museum is a place where you can get to know these people and their gadgets. The museum is the only one in Finland focusing on this special topic and it offers unforgettable experience.


The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

Visiting Werstas is a nostalgic experience. Childhood memories flood back in the exhibitions that feature familiar items that may remind you of your former workplace, home or your grandma’s house. The diverse exhibitions and frequent events make sure that there is always something to see and experience. Visiting the museum is always free of charge.


Unfold Finlayson

Adventure game for groups. Creative problem solving, group work, unique locations and amazing views in the historic centre of Tampere. Unfold is an adventure game that takes place in the towers and tunnels of the 200-year-old Finlayson factory area that are not open to the public.