Welcome to the Finlayson Area!

Can you feel the historic atmosphere emanating from the red brick walls of the old factory buildings? In the Finlayson Area, history, today and the future come together in a unique milieu. Come and experience a centre of culture and leisure that is full of surprises.

Find interesting events easily

There are plenty of events in the Finlayson Area throughout the year. In the Finlayson Area, you can experience art, visit museums, take part in festivals, soak up the atmosphere of concerts both indoors and outdoors and enjoy performances of all kinds. Our event calendar is updated continuously – take a look at the wonderful upcoming events (only in Finnish).

Take a look at the event calendar (in Finnish)

Korvapuusteja Finlaysonin alueen Pala-kahvilassa. Tutustu täällä Finlaysonin alueen ravintolatarjontaan.

…When you feel like having something good to eat

In the Finlayson Area, you can find cafés and restaurants suitable for every moment of the day! Enjoy the flavours of the work ranging from Indian to Danish and Italian cuisine or have a tasty burger or some chicken wings, not forgetting the fresh salads. Have you already tried Plevna’s famous Finnish potato hash?

Restaurants and cafés in the area

Ihmisiä istumassa Finlaysonin alueen tehdasrakennuksen katolla. Finlaysonin alueen kattokävelyillä voi ihailla upeita maisemia.
Popcornia elokuvateatteri Finnkino Plevnassa. Tutustu täällä Finlaysonin alueen aktiviteetteihin.
ZBase viihdekeskus Finlaysonin alueella. Ihmisiä pelaamassa pelikoneita.

…When you have some free time

There is plenty to see and experience every day in the Finlayson Area! Take a walk on the roofs, explore the interesting museums or bring your friends to solve exciting puzzles in an escape room game. You can also take your family out for a movie night at the movie theatre with some popcorn!

Entertainment and leisure

Finlaysonin alueen tehdasrakennuksia. Tutustu täällä Finlaysonin alueen tarjontaan ja palveluihin.

Refresh your memory

Plevna, a weaving factory constructed in 1877, had 1,200 weaving machines. Today, the name is carried by a restaurant. The restaurant Plevna and Koskipanimo, a brewery operating within the restaurant, offer their visitors deliciously filling meals and diverse drinks.

Read more about the area and its history

Map of the area to help you explore

The best way to get to know the Finlayson Area is to come there and explore its paths and buildings at leisure! You can find an overview in a map of the area. Start exploring!

You can download the area guide map here as a PDF.