Kukkia Finlaysonin alueella. Taustalla tehdasrakennuksia. Täältä löydät Finlaysonin alueen yhteystiedot.

Contact information and directions

The Finlayson Area welcomes all visitors. See the directions and find your favourite location.

Contact information

Pension insurance company Varma, owner of the buildings in the Finlayson Area, is responsible for the maintenance, leasing, marketing and development of the properties. Our property office is located in the Finlayson area in the old main office building.

Finlaysoninkatu 4 A
PO 216, 33101 Tampere

Responsible persons in the area

Kai Niinimäki

Asset manager

kai.niinimaki@varma.fi +358 40 7298144

Tuija Nieminen


tuija.nieminen@varma.fi +358 400 883723

Property Maintenance

HelpDesk 24h

kiinteistohelp@caverion.com +358 800 157 777

Mikko Siltanen

Property Manager

mikko.siltanen@caverion.com +358 50 566 1135

Minna Männistö


minnailoilo@gmail.com +358 50 375 2125


General information


Finlayson area is a protected historical factory area that can in places be a bit challenging for people with reduced mobility.

Most of the outdoor areas are covered with asphalt. A small portion of the street is covered with natural stone and is located after the Satakunnankatu gate on the southern end of Itäinenkatu, between Siperia and Plevna.

Some of the buildings have mechanical front doors (the doors do not open mechanically), or there are some steps or a small threshold in front of the entrance.

Accessible entrances, disability parking places, elevators, accessible toilets, etc., are marked on the area map.

Parking places for short-term disability parking are on Itäinenkatu in front of the Mehiläinen medical centre, on Väinö Linna square in front of Werstas and on Finlayssoninkuja.

If you’d like to have more information on accessibility in the Finlayson Area, please contact us.

A map to help you navigate

A map of the Finlayson area shows the accessible entrances, event and parking locations and the restaurants and cafés. Go and explore!

You can download the area guide map here as a PDF.