Vihreitä puita ja ohikulkevia ihmisiä Finlaysonin alueella. Taustalla punatiilinen tehdasrakennus ja uusi valkoinen museorakennus.

The new Sara Hildén Art Museum

The factory buildings made of red bricks are now accompanied by an art museum with white walls.

The famous Sara Hildén Art Museum is moving to the Finlayson area

The Finlayson area is known for its numerous art and culture events, such as the Finlayson Art Area event that takes place in the summer. The Sara Hildén Art Museum has operated in Särkänniemi for over 40 years and is now getting a new home in the centre of Tampere in the Finlayson area.

Lumen Valo is a simple museum building that reflects the Finnish mentality and utilises natural light in the exhibition halls. The museums displays the modern art principle of making art for the sake of art, highlighting the aesthetics and value of art in itself.


What has happened previously

  • Planning regulation change for the planned area is in progress. Additional information can be found here.
  • The international architecture competition for the new building for the Sara Hildén Art Museum took place from 31 August to 2 December 2020.
  • The international architecture competition for the new building for the Sara Hildén Art Museum received 472 submissions.
  • The winner of the competition was Lumen Valo, designed by architect Janne Hovi.
  • Lumen Valo takes the historical values of the Finlayson area as well as the premises of the environment and the requirements for the display of art and expresses them with simple methods, says Jaakko Stenhäll, Debury Mayor and Chair of the competition’s Panel of Judges. Read a bulletin from the City of Tampere on this topic.
  • The new museum building will be owned by a property company founded by insurance company Varma, the City of Tampere and the Sara Hildén Foundation. The property foundation is constructing the building and leasing it to the City of Tampere for 30 years.
  • The area intended for the new building is bordered by Kuninkaankatu, the Wilhelm von Nottbeck park, Polttimonkatu and the current main office building.
  • The goal is to begin the construction of the new art museum in 2025 and to begin the museum’s operation in 2027–2028.
Taidenäyttely Sara Hildénin taidemuseossa.